Frequently asked questions

What should I expect?

Discovery Church meets together for a modern worship experience that is 60-90
minutes. It will be boadcast to Facebook Live during the service. Our service usually begins with singing, led by a band. Most people stand during this time; however, you may sit if you prefer. The song lyrics are video projected onto large screens so people can participate in singing. The songs we sing are mostly modern in style and sound.

During the service an offering will be taken. This offering is intended for regular church
family members to give as an act of worship. Please do not feel obligated to give.
Finally, our pastor will read a portion of the Holy Bible and help us understand how its
teachings can be inspirational, relevant and/or transformational for today.

What should I wear?

At Discovery Church, we focus on the heart more than the outward appearance. At our
service you will find many people dressed in multiple styles. Please come as you are.
All we ask is that you are comfortable in what you choose to wear and that you wear
clothes that will not be distracting for those worshiping with you.

Where and when are the services held?

*Due to COVID-19, services are held In-Person and online at www.facebook/discoverychurch.ca/ every Sunday at 4PM. Discovery Chuch services are held at Maranatha CRC. Please feel free to join us at 4 PM for in-person Services. Please RSVP here on our events page for the Sunday's you will be attending. Service Times Sundays 4PM Location https://goo.gl/maps/gvmRSMwmLt3n2UAeA