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To Bless our Family, Church and Community


To abundantly BLESS our family, church and community.



To BLESS someone means to care for them, to provide for them in a way that helps them or to protect them. Being a blessing in our family, church and community is a natural outworking of what God is doing within us. One of the ways we know that God is at work is when we have the desire to give back. We are called to BLESS others because we have been blessed so much.


As you get to know Jesus on the journey of faith there comes a point when you feel the desire to be a blessing to others. That most often happens within your own family, neighbours and coworkers. Praying for them, inviting them to come to an Alpha course, inviting them to church are ways that you can be a blessing. You can also volunteer in our community, participate in the churchwide #takeittothestreets event were we get together as a churchfamily and bless our community. 

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