Discovery Groups

We are currently taking a journey through the Alpha Series and learning to answer the question is there more to life than this? We have some small groups who are meeting on their own with their own curriculm (Such as a Young Adult group meeting Monday evenings and looking at Frances Chan's Crazy Love book, and a group open to anyone Thursday evenings that works through their own material. Our next sermon based small group series is coming in the Spring, and details have yet to be completed however it is looking like will be doing a 6 week sermon series called Shh! Quiet Time With God. We will learn great techniques that will help us grow closer to God and hear some testimonies from members of our church. For any one interested in leading or getting more infmation please email Leslie Mountjoy at

Weekly Groups:

The HUB: The HUB – Church for Young Adults takes place every Sunday evening at 7 PM at the Discovery Centre. This get-together allows young adults a time of praise and worship, making new friends and serving the community.

Ladies Fitness Hour: All women are welcome to join ladies “kickboxing” their way through an hour of fitness every Wednesday at the Discovery Centre from 6–7 PM. NO level of experience is required, but participants must bring an exercise mat and wear comfortable clothing. This class is free.


Men's Saturday Morning Study Group: is open to all Christian men meeting at the Discovery Centre at 8-9:30 AM on Saturday Mornings. Men have coffee together while studying the materials available from Promise Keepers Canada and other sources. The men are currently reading a series of books that provide thought provoking questions based on scripture passage and how it relates to them as men.


Celebrate Recovery: Celebrate Recovery is a 12 step program for adults that meet every Thursday at the Discovery Centre from 7:00-9:30 PM for help with your hurts, habits and hang ups. Through learning biblical principles, participants are able to overcome their struggles while growing closer to Jesus Christ. Participants gain freedom which creates peace, serenity, joy and most importantly, a stronger personal relationship with God and others. Click Here for more information.

The Landing: The Landing is a Celebrate Recovery program that is geared to Students from Grades 7 to 12. This is a biblically based program that offers tools for teenagers who want to heal from life’s hurts and habits in an interactive group setting that also meet every Thursday at the Discovery Centre from 7:00-9:30 PM.

Tea & Tots: Tea & Tots is a free weekly group for caregivers and their children from birth to age 6. Tea & Tots meet in the basement of the Discovery Centre every Wednesday morning from 10-12. Each week, the children play together while everyone enjoys tea, coffee and snacks. Tea and Tots runs during the school year and takes a break for the Summer months.

Cake Walk: The Cake Walk group meet every Tuesday at 7 PM at Coffee and Cakes Cafe on King Street in Bowmanville. Participants have some time in the cafe, and spend some time walking together. This group is open to anyone.

Monthly Groups:

Marvelous Moms: We are pleased to announce that after a period of time, Marvelous Moms is BACK! We will meet monthly at the Discovery Centre on the last Monday of every month at 7:30 PM. Expect a night out for Moms to unwind, chat and get to know each other. As this is a time for Moms alone, we ask that only breastfed babies attend.

Women's Ministry: “Women On A Journey” meet once a month on the first Saturday at 9 AM for brunch at the Discovery Centre with a cost of $5 and is open to all women, any age, any denomination, anywhere in their faith journey. There is always a bible message, worship, individual prayer time and social time. It's a time to meet other women in Christ, share burdens and uplift each other in prayer and support.

Annual/Semi-Annual Groups:

New Beginnings: is our four-week preparation for baptism, profession of faith or becoming a Discovery member. These classes are usually held at Discovery Center, taught by Pastor Martin and are offered twice per year or as needed.

Alpha Parenting Children: This 5 week Parenting Children Course is for any parenting, step-parents, prosective parents or caregivers of children aged 0-10 years.  Children do not arrive with an instruction manual. No role we undertake is more important than parenting. Discovering we are not alone in the challengeswe face and picking up ideas from other parents can make a huge difference.

Alpha Parenting Teenagers: The aim of the 5 week Parenting Teenagers Course is to quip parents, step-parents and caregivers of teenagers aged 11-18 years old with strategies to build a healthy relationship while guiding them into adulthood. The Parenting Teenagers Course is for every type of parenting situation, including parenting on your own, step-parenting and parenting as a couple.

The Network Course: Have you ever wondered what your spiritual gifts are? Not sure how to use the gifts God has given you for His Kingdom? Network provides the opportunity to learn about your personality and your spiritual gifts so that you can serve the Kingdom of God effectively. This 3 session course is offered once a year.

Freed up Financial Living: Feeling like there’s not enough money for the rest of the month? Once a year we offer a 7 week course on the biblical basics of financial management that will help you to budget, save, spend and plan for your future. Next course date to be determined.

Church Programs &Volunteer Opportunities

Church Programs:
The following is information about some of Discovery’s Sunday programs that are offered during church hours.

Discovery Babies & Tots: The “Nursery” is a place for kids from birth to preschool to hang out and play during church services. Our volunteers have done police-checks and enjoy spending time with the little ones during services. The nursery is located in the library of John M James and is full of toys and fun!

Discovery Kids: Children between JK and Grade 3 are welcome to join Discovery Kids during church services. The programs used will help teach children some basic biblical principles and allow them to learn about our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Our volunteers do have police-checks (on file at the office) and enjoy teaching your children.

Volunteer Opportunities:
The following is information about volunteer opportunities both within Discovery church and in programs that Discovery Church is involved with.

INFO Table: The information table is located in the gym at John M James near the main entrance/exit. A volunteer is always there willing to meet with those who are new to Discovery and explain what programs are available and answer questions about Discovery Church. There are many resources including free devotionals and Bibles available.

Set Up and Take Down: Each Sunday morning we have to set up chairs, nursery, tables and stage equipment and then take them down again. We are looking for individuals or couples who can come early to set up or stay late to take down. This is an excellent opportunity to serve in a tangible (physical) way.

Ushers: Ushers provide a warm welcome, direction and guidance for visitors and regular attenders to Discovery Church. Besides handing out bulletins and walking around with a microphone for prayer request, ushers provide assistance when there is an emergency or when help is needed.

Greeters: First impressions are extremely important. Greeters provide initial welcome and hospitality so that visitors and regular attenders alike feel welcome. Sharking a hand and saying hello is more than just a greeting, its our way of saying welcome.

Computer: If you like computers and are interested in helping us run the slide show on Sunday morning and reproduce DVDs of our services than this may be a ministry for you. Sitting behind a computer screen can actually be a significant ministry experience for you if computers are your thing. We will provide training and mentoring as needed.

Sound: If you think listening to the music on Sunday mornings is awesome, try getting involved in the production and set up of our sound equipment.  Do you have a good ear for music? Interesting in serving at the soundboard? Training and mentoring is provided.

Hospitality – Sunday Morning Refreshments: Each Sunday morning a dedicated group of volunteers set up and clean up the refreshments that provide a ministry of hospitality and fellowship. Do you want to help? Do you want to serve? This ministry helps people feel like they belong.

Hospitality – Meals: Occasionally people get sick and/or need some help. This is our opportunity to provide some relief through the provision of meals. Would you be willing to cook a meal? People often feel loved and cared for in their time of need through this incredible gift of food.

Big Brothers Big Sisters: Ever thought of being a mentor? Serving as role models, mentors teach by example the importance of giving and giving back, f staying in school, and for having respect for family, peers and community. We have a relationship with Big Brothers Big Sisters and can connect you to afterschool mentoring, one on one or summer day came experiences.

Breakfast Club: You can volunteer weekday mornings from 8 AM – 9 AM and provide a nutritious meal for children to get a good start on their day. Breakfast Club at John M James Elementary School where we worship on Sundays gives us opportunities for volunteers to build relationships and to prepare breakfast for up to 30 children.