Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities
The following is information about volunteer opportunities both within Discovery church and in programs that Discovery Church is involved with.

INFO Table: The information table is located in the gym at John M James near the main entrance/exit. A volunteer is always there willing to meet with those who are new to Discovery and explain what programs are available and answer questions about Discovery Church. There are many resources including free devotionals and Bibles available.

Set Up and Take Down: Each Sunday morning we have to set up chairs, nursery, tables and stage equipment and then take them down again. We are looking for individuals or couples who can come early to set up or stay late to take down. This is an excellent opportunity to serve in a tangible (physical) way.

Ushers: Ushers provide a warm welcome, direction and guidance for visitors and regular attenders to Discovery Church. Besides handing out bulletins and walking around with a microphone for prayer request, ushers provide assistance when there is an emergency or when help is needed.

Greeters: First impressions are extremely important. Greeters provide initial welcome and hospitality so that visitors and regular attenders alike feel welcome. Sharking a hand and saying hello is more than just a greeting, its our way of saying welcome.

Computer: If you like computers and are interested in helping us run the slide show on Sunday morning and reproduce DVDs of our services than this may be a ministry for you. Sitting behind a computer screen can actually be a significant ministry experience for you if computers are your thing. We will provide training and mentoring as needed.

Sound: If you think listening to the music on Sunday mornings is awesome, try getting involved in the production and set up of our sound equipment.  Do you have a good ear for music? Interesting in serving at the soundboard? Training and mentoring is provided.

Hospitality – Sunday Morning Refreshments: Each Sunday morning a dedicated group of volunteers set up and clean up the refreshments that provide a ministry of hospitality and fellowship. Do you want to help? Do you want to serve? This ministry helps people feel like they belong.

Hospitality – Meals: Occasionally people get sick and/or need some help. This is our opportunity to provide some relief through the provision of meals. Would you be willing to cook a meal? People often feel loved and cared for in their time of need through this incredible gift of food.

Big Brothers Big Sisters: Ever thought of being a mentor? Serving as role models, mentors teach by example the importance of giving and giving back, f staying in school, and for having respect for family, peers and community. We have a relationship with Big Brothers Big Sisters and can connect you to afterschool mentoring, one on one or summer day came experiences.

Breakfast Club: You can volunteer weekday mornings from 8 AM – 9 AM and provide a nutritious meal for children to get a good start on their day. Breakfast Club at John M James Elementary School where we worship on Sundays gives us opportunities for volunteers to build relationships and to prepare breakfast for up to 30 children.