Pastor Martin's Twitter Updates
»   Coaching with Bill Hybles...awesome! {view link}

»   If your not dead, you're not done. God still has something to do through you -Craig Groeschel

»   Nuff said....Burrrr {view link}

»   "God prospers me not so that He increases my standard of living but so I can increase my standard of giving" Randy Alcorn

»   RT @durhamcollege: DC Oshawa campus has moved from lockdown to secure and hold, @DRPS are onsite. We will provide additional updates as soo…

»   Culture of Honesty workshops on now with Tim Schroeder. Discovery represented with 10 people..Awesome. Over 100 atnd {view link}

»   3 Critical Reasons For Missional Community {view link} via @VergeNetwork

»   Doing a book study with Robert J...looking forward to this book. {view link}

»   Spoelstra tradition continues. #spoelstrafamily Miss you Kara and Kevin {view link}

»   Just opened all our Christmas Cards. Feeling very blessed. {view link}

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