Pastor Martin's Twitter Updates
»   RT @clarchief: Highway 115 Southbound just south of Concession 8 closed due to multi-vehicle accident, should reopen shortly.

»   Promise Keepers #DCbowmanville #pkgreater great time with the Discovery Guys {view link}

»   RT @RickWarren: If you're alive there's a purpose for your life. That purpose will only be found in God!
{view link} https://t.…

»   RT @Willow_Canada: "When God asks you a question, it isn't because He doesn't know the answer." - Sam @sam_adeyemi #GLS15 #Canada https://t…

»   The Jesus kind of leadership is if he could walk on water so can we. He gave away power, crushing the power gap #GLS15 #Sam_Adeyemi

»   For many the object of our leadership is our own success, Jesus measure of success is the success of his followers. #GLS15 #Sam_Adeyemi

»   To be a better receiver of feedback ask what's 1 thing you appriciate & what's 1 thing I'm doing/failing to do that I can change #GLS15

»   RT @PaulAlanMarcus: "We're leaders, we've forfeited the right to make excuses." Horst Schulze #gls2015

»   As a leader we are call to lead our volunteers to excellence by giving them an example to follow. #GLS15 #HorstSchultze

»   Our fantastic volunteer team #GLS15 #claringtonwins {view link}

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