Pastor Martin's Twitter Updates
»   Getting the Screen set up for #GLS2014 #DCbowmanville. Exciting! {view link}

»   RT @DailyKeller: “You cannot help with a burden unless you come close to burdened people.”

»   Home Missions video: 58% of CRC churches did not bring in 1 person through evangelism. {view link}

»   Not sure if I'm proud or offended. ISIS' New Enemy: A Terrifying Dutch Biker Gang {view link} via @RELEVANT

»   Looks like it's time for Operation Christmas Child again at #DCbowmanville. Get your box this Sunday {view link}

»   This would be a great song for a Baptism Sunday. Carry Underwood "What's in the water" {view link}

»   Looking at a 2006 Jetta TDI.. anyone ever own one? {view link}

»   Live as if Jesus is coming back tomorrow, plan as if he is coming back in a 100 years. #DCbowmanville

»   RT @DailyKeller: “God invites us to to come as we are, not to stay as we are.”

»   "@RickWarren: I’d rather see a church that’s starting 10 churches than a church of a 1000,"

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