Pastor Martin's Twitter Updates
»   Great Worship training with Dan Macaulay. Blessed #DCbowmanville #bowmanville #church {view link}

»   Interesting....In a dramatic shift, the American church is more evangelical than ever {view link}

»   Going to celebration of life of a good friend John Griffith. Pray we make much of Jesus #DCbowmanville. {view link}

»   Day two of the "It's quiet time" series. Take some time today to read God's words. {view link}

»   #Hubworship night at Hope Fellowship. #DCbowmanville. Wow... {view link}

»   Leaders are readers...I always say. {view link}

»   From this morning's prayer requests....Finding Dad {view link} #ireport

»   So excited to be going to #DCbowmanville to worship Jesus & in the same service marry Billy & Elisa. You gotta come! {view link}

»   Pray for Discovery Church as we seek God's desires for our church and Kingdom Expansion. Get back to us by May 21 {view link}

»   I just finished day 182 of the @YouVersion Plan Life Application Study Bible ® Devotion. Check it out here: {view link}

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