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»   Anger control is largely a matter of mouth control. U put your mind in gear before u put your mouth in gear- R Warren {view link}

»   Congrats to Holly and Jordan. Blessings on your wedding day. {view link}

»   Excited to meet with new Church planters in Niagra Falls Ontario, Allen and Freida Klyne Detters today for lunch. #churchplanters

»   "@edstetzer: Small groups is where we can flesh out the theology we hear in the pulpit and convert it to action: {view link}

»   Only two kinds of churches never have conflict. Cults because1 person decides & dead ones because nothing matters - Syd Hielema

»   "Wisdom is the art of knowing what to overlook!". Six keys to Peace in your relationships today at Discovery Church. {view link}

»   10 reasons you should attending the Global Leadership Summit October 23-24 in Bowmanville. #10 Joseph Grenny #gls2014 {view link}

»   @JohnTullett your welcome. Glad it went well.

»   I downloaded the FREE eBook "5 Habits of Highly Missional People" by Michael Frost. Get it here: {view link} #churchplanting

»   @UncReub your welcome. Helps to have great students.

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