Pastor Martin's Twitter Updates
»   @JohnTullett your welcome. Glad it went well.

»   I downloaded the FREE eBook "5 Habits of Highly Missional People" by Michael Frost. Get it here: {view link} #churchplanting

»   @UncReub your welcome. Helps to have great students.

»   RT @bradbrisco_kc: “The safety-obsessed church lacks the inner dynamic to foster profound missional impact in our time.” @alanhirsch #Faith

»   "Ok so I'm getting really excited about tomorrow....ya I know the weather doesn't look good." {view link}

»   Craft Show at Discovery Tomorrow is almost set up. Don't miss out! {view link}

»   RT @RickWarren: If depressed, waiting until you FEEL like doing what's right is a huge mistake.You can't trust your feelings when depressed.

»   @MartinSpoelstra @jon_wilke

»   @jon_wilke I would like to run the report from discipleship in CAN in our church if I can. Please let me know what to do next.

»   Fortune cookies at the Mandarin...pretty good advice! {view link}

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