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»   "The power of a group is only as good as the purity of its motives." @josephgrenny #GLS2014 #GLS14"

»   God is Big! All of life, everything is about the fame and glory of Jesus. -Louie Giglio #GLS14

»   Huge gaps have opened up in our world. Do we even notice? Do we care? God is asking "Will you stand in the gap? #GLS14

»   Group brainstorming doesn't work...studies show that performance gets worse as the group size increases. #GLS14

»   True leadership requires faith: a love of God makes leadership easier. Servant heart, humility.
C Fiorina #GLS14

»   @sandisafrecipes thanks. It is awesome so far #GLS14

»   Your Culture will only be as healthy as the Sr Leader wants it to be" B Hybles #GLS14

»   Praying for Safety and Peace in Ottawa. #OttawaShooting

»   Lights, camera, Action...tomorrow morning. 1st session starts 8:30 #GLS2014 #DCbowmanville {view link}

»   RT @philipiburns: "Without #risk there can be no growth and no progress." @alanhirsch @michaelfrost6 #mission #Jesus #kingdom

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