Pastor Martin's Twitter Updates
»   RT @jgwild: I have no problem with you becoming a Pastor so long as the congregation you pastor are the people you work with. #GLS16

»   Lots of notes and tips from @BillHybels session. #gls16 #bowmanville {view link}

»   Getting ready for #GLS16 #bowmanville {view link}

»   Discovery church Easter Egg Hunt. #dcbowmanville #easterbunny #easter {view link}

»   A B+ strategy, well-executed, trumps an A+ vision every time. #RTL16 {view link} via @cnieuwhof

»   I really want a @SermonCentral PRO Subscription and @AccordanceBible Essential Bundle! {view link}

»   When we're always showing our best, we may impress with our strengths, but we connect through our weeknesses. #struggles #DCbowmanville

»   When God showed his love, he didn't shout it from heaven. He showed it on earth. God became flesh in the person of Jesus - Craig Groeschel

»   Never before has so many had so much and yet want so much more #struggles # DCbowmanville {view link}

»   RT @clarchief: Highway 115 Southbound just south of Concession 8 closed due to multi-vehicle accident, should reopen shortly.

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