To be a faith community of people who are passionate about their relationship with Jesus Christ, who represent Him to others so that we might expand the Kingdom and the influence of the King, and are actively involved in blessing the community in which we live.


Discovery - we are all on a journey of spiritual discovery. We believe that we are called to build authentic relationships with people within the church and with those who don't go to church so that we might point them to a relationship with God through his son Jesus Christ. We want to boast in what God is doing through us so that others might discover God. Our lives will exemplify our faith by being people who exhibit caring, concern and consideration for others while living in humility and integrity.

Grow - we want to grow in our knowledge of Jesus as Lord of our lives.  Continually learning to be a disciple, practicing our faith as an apprentice and sharing what we already know of Jesus will help us to remain kingdom minded and provoke curiosity from those who do not know him. We believe that growth is most effective while in community and spiritually nurturing relationships leads to belonging.

Bless -we value the opportunity to bless our church family and community by first listening to the needs and then responding with acts of kindness and service that will give thanks and glory to God.  We believe that prayerfully discerned acts of service (digging ditches) will be blessed beyond our comprehension by the work of the Holy Spirit (God brings the rain).

Church - we value an approach to church that is characterized by some centralized and some decentralized practices and structures that have high accountability and low control. Church leadership must be adaptive and take its cultural cues from our community which will shape the mission of the church.  Whoever God calls to serve in the church and community, God equips. We believe that every disciple should be trained to use their spiritual gifts and natural talents to be missionaries.

Kingdom Expansion - we value partnerships with others in our community and around the world in serving Jesus because God is bigger than any one church. We believe that Discovery Church can play a leadership role in the training and development of missional communities, missionaries (local and international) and new expressions of church.