Sermon for March 30th, 2014: Courageous Part 3

Sermon for March 23rd, 2014: Courageous Part 2

Sermon for March 9th, 2014: Saul & David

Sermon for March 2nd, 2014: Esther

Sermon for February 23th, 2014: Enoch

Sermon for February 16th, 2014: Job

Sermon for February 9th, 2014: Ezra

The Jewish nation is in ruins and its people are in exile. It's time to rebuild but where do you start? Ezra the priest leads the exiled people of Israel in the rebuilding. Your life might be in ruins and you're asking the question "where do I start?" It starts by making things right with God.

Sermon for February 2nd, 2014: Haggai

Sermon for January 26th, 2014: Nehemiah

Sermon for January 19th, 2014: Samson

Sermon for January 12th, 2014: Bless our Community

Blessing the community in which we live takes place in the neighborhood, in the workplace, in the home - not in the meetings of the church. There will always be a place for meetings at which the gospel is clearly proclaimed, but we are called to be ordinary Christians living an ordinary life in Christ's name. This is the front line of blessing our community.

Sermon for January 5th, 2014: Grow with Jesus

Sermon for December 15th, 2013: Community Christmas